Institutional Distinctiveness

As College is situated in Konkan region. It has  tremendous heritage of  western Ghats of Sahyadri range. Location of college is at the beginning point of  kashedi Ghat on NH-66. The Ambenali Ghat connects Poladpur to Mahabaleshwar.

The College was established in 1998, guided by the vision and mission which support the academic and socio-economic development of the rural students as well as those situated in the remote tribal belt of Raigad district. The tribal students, economically less privileged students and geographically distanced students who secure admission to the various courses run by our college are able to build their careers with the help of the education received from our faculty and college.

The curriculum undertaken; along with field work, theory forms a significant part of the course which also delves into specifics such as understanding gender and livelihood in the rural context as well as to get an opportunity to earn in rural regions through the skill development courses framed by this institute considering regional requirements.

The aim of the institute is to make students fully aware of the nuances of the execution process that involves knowing how to plan, develop and implement knowledge in working flow. Students will be able to develop and sharpen their analytical skills and develop appropriate strategies to deal with complex problems in the rural region.

Faculty helps them to improve their personality, especially the SC and ST Students so that they are prepared to face global competition. College in all its aspects such as increased number of programs and courses, well developed infrastructure, faculty guidance, library facilities, sports and extracurricular activities plays a very significant role in the improvement of students’ capabilities. A majority of our students belong to rural families and socially marginalized groups. Many of them are first generation learners. They belong to illiterate families, suffer from cultural disorientation and sometimes have migrated from their native places At the FY level many of them hesitate even to talk in the local language to the faculty members regarding their difficulties. However we identify such students and help to solve their problems at the departmental level or at the individual level. We help them to correspond with government authorities like scholarship issues, filling online forms, availing book bank schemes, concessions, installment facility in fees etc. With encouragement and support these students gradually develop into confident and responsible citizens of India. We are happy to see them complete their graduation and post-graduation and secure placement. Half of the student strength consists of girl students. Our College undertakes various measures for the empowerment of girls through imparting higher education and enhancing their employability skills. The list of past students pursuing further studies or those who are gainfully employed at various important positions and capacities is evidence of their enrichment through education.

Some courses have been added in order to make available opportunities for skill development and value addition to the students. These courses include hands-on-training in some areas and have helped the students to enhance their employability skills.

This institute is trying to bring together the best global practices, corporate thinking and accountability, the standards of higher education to create a model of sustainable rural development, which is a benchmark in the academic sector The institute believes, in collaboration and working with multiple partners, including other foundations, NGOs, corporate and the government, hence joined through an MOU with various institute  & industries.

This model empowers rural communities with the capability of creating choice for themselves and their families, allowing them to transform their own lives and ensuring a permanent and irreversible change for good through the courses, co-curricular activities provided by this institute. Empowering education focusing on enhanced livelihood, creating socially and environmentally conscious amongst rural region through Arts Commerce & Science curriculum & co-curricular activities.

The institute has highly qualified, practical oriented teaching staff, well equipped laboratories with sufficient support system which makes this institute a strong execution foundation to approach the institution’s vision within a very short period.

Successful delivery of education is largely dependent on the Principal & teachers, conducting successful programs through various techniques like classroom management, positive disciplining, administrative trainings, skill based training, multiple intelligence and more. The career counseling activities are successfully implemented, last from 5 year till date more than a thousand students working in job sector (Chemical Industries), as many are in the field of entrepreneurships, own business, work in the fields like film industry, sports, social activities, politics etc. Since last 20 years this institute is providing higher education in this region which was included under educationally backward area, but as per current status this region is moving away from backwardness and our institution has certainly given its contribution in this achievement.  Until the establishment of our college, facility of Higher Education was not available in this remote, hilly and interior tehsil. Higher education was the distant dream for almost all the girl students of the region. The tehsil was deprived from higher education even after 50 years of Indian independence. It is only after the commencement of our college, the first generation of the area got their first graduates in almost all the villages of this tehsil. In 2007-08, the college has also established Science faculty from which education the students of this region have been deprived. Now there is a considerable strength of girl students in our college indicating towards empowerment of the women in the area. We humbly believe that the success of our college can certainly been observed when we noticed first graduate of the villages and women empowerment and we think that this is the distinctiveness of our institution.

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